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How to make the most of the “Dog Days Of Summer”!

It’s already August and that means the dog days of summer have arrived. Before we know it, the kids will be back to school and the summer of 2017 will be O-V-E-R. It’s been an amazing but very busy summer thus far with my family’s move to New Orleans (more about this in another blog), the kids, camp, and just the usual summer business. If you got a bucket listĀ of thing to do this summer it is time to start checking them off of the list. If you don’t here are a few ideas on how to make the most of the dog days of summer.


  1. Take a spontaneousĀ road trip and have no final destination in mind
  2. Read a book on the beach or in a park with your phone off
  3. Let the kids pick what you will do for the entire day
  4. Spend time with friends who you’ve been trying to get together with
  5. Indulge in your favorite summer treat
  6. Spend time where you live acting like a tourist
  7. Head to a fun summer concert
  8. Enjoy smores by the fire
  9. Get one or two kiddo free nights in
  10. Spend an afternoon being selfish
  11. Take a trip to the beach
  12. Stay up late and go stargazing
  13. Attend a summer festival
  14. Pick some summer fruit
  15. Have a day with no plans at all


Which activities are you going to add to your dog days of summer bucket list?




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