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8 Tips for Finding the Elusive Work/Life Balance

Work life balance is something that so many of us try to achieve and strive for however it is much easier said than done. The reality is that life kicks in (or takes over) and it becomes overwhelming to manage. Sometimes it is essential to stay late at work and other times the kids definitely rule the show. Achieving the elusive and coveted work-life balance is tough but here are 8 tips that can help even the busiest working mom get there.


  1. Create a schedule and a routine: Yes, yes this sounds impossible but it is not. Set aside an hour and figure it out. Once the schedule is set, stick to it. This will keep both you and family organized when life gets hectic.
  2. Find time to exercise: This sounds insane BUT take it from someone who has tried to go without exercise. It is essential to finding true balance. It is a great activity you can do by yourself to clear your mind. It will get you focused and ready to take on the day.
  3. Screen Free Time: YES, that means you! All of you. Set time aside for you and the entire family that is completely screen free. It will give your brain a break and it will allow you to connect with your family. Dinner time is a great time for to enjoy the screen free time even extending it until dinner is cleaned up is great for family bonding and freeing your brain from the stress of the screen.
  4. Focus on 1 Task at a Time: Let’s face it many of us multi-talk all too frequently but to truly achieve work-life balance and focus on the present DON’T multi-task. You will actually get more done.
  5. Set an end time for working: Yes, this is easier said than done but do one last check of your email after dinner (or whatever works for your schedule) and spend a few hours not thinking about work. This down time will free your mind from the stresses of working and will give you the opportunity to think. You might find that you get your best ideas in the time that you aren’t working.
  6. Don’t let your phone rule your world: As a society, we are addicted to our phones so if you really want to achieve work life balance we need to get a handle on our phone notifications. Turn off the auto-push updates (which means they update in real time), have email updates set to hourly, depending on what you do turn off all the social media updates and put your phone on silent or vibrate unless you absolutely need it on. You rule the phone, don’t let the phone rule you.
  7. Let’s talk weekend: Figure out what work will be like for you on the weekend. While some of us can’t avoid work on the weekend and some of us (the 9 to 5’ers) can, if you work for yourself and you don’t set boundaries. As a small business owner, weekends are for spending time with family. Determine what your weekends will be right and hold yourself accountable to it. Even if that means sharing it with one of your kiddos so they can catch you every time you sneak a peek at your email on the weekend.
  8. Be present: The most important piece of achieving work-life balance is being present in the moment of whatever you are doing. This will allow you the freedom to be all-in for family time, work time, exercise time, etc.

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