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6 Tips for Being More Mindful in YOUR Business

Practicing mindfulness is an important part about growing any small business. Like any other practice, it takes time to truly develop and hone so here are 6 Tips for becoming more mindful:


1. Listen – Take time out, breathe, and tune in to the others around you. Listen to your gut, instinct or your intuition while balancing your logical side. Don’t just focus on making choices with your calculator. When it comes to listening to others, listen and respond, but don’t react. Listen to understand what others are saying instead of just listening to respond.


2. Gain Confidence – As you listen, ask yourself; do you believe that this is going to bring me closer to my business and life goals? Is it in alignment with where I want to go? Does it work for me? As you grow your business you will continue to create the confidence you need to say no to thing that don’t serve you and your business.


3. Be Will to Transform – As you embark on your entrepreneurial journey there will be times that you are going to have to make decisions around change. Be open to change. Be willing to commit to it and do it whole-heartedly. Sometimes pushing yourself outside of your comfortzone will help you create the change you need to get to the next level.


4. Detect When Things are Off-Balance – Entrepreneurs tend to be constantly juggling lots of different things. Give yourself permission to slow down and notice when things are off-balance. While it is ok to juggle become aware of when you are juggling too much. Notice when you get a bit off balance and give yourself the time and the space to slow down.


5. Have Fun – Are you a trendsetter who stays ahead of the game or do you merely react to market demands? Initiate, take action, move, connect, have conversations, partner up, and, most importantly, have fun during this journey. How do your decisions make people feel about themselves? About you?


6. Be Positive – Set a positive intention in all that you are! Your attitude toward your life, your business and the others around you will have an impact on all aspects of your life. Live positively and spread positive vibes even when you find others might not carry this same positivity. Your positive attitude is contagious.


Share with me how these mindfulness tip help grow your small business.




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